Itinerari dell’interpretazione in Francesco Gentile.
A proposito dell’interpretazione all'indicativo

Torquato G. Tasso61-75

Abstract: Itineraries of Interpretation in Francesco Gentile. About the Interpretation of the Indicative
The vision of the interpretation of law in Francesco Gentile acquires a particular value in that, if correctly and consciously themed, it can allow the dangerous ideological drift of a formalist and positivist mold to be overcome in legal and jurisprudential experience. In this regard, Gentile’s call for interpretation to the indicative drawn by Villey is frequent. The present contribution wants to understand if this reference could represent an adhesion, at least in order to the interpretation and through the interpretation, of the Gentile theses to the instances of that philosophical movement, of which Villey was one of the most authoritative representatives, known as Natur der Sache.