Esperienza giuridica e liturgia della parola: le miserie del processo penale nel pensiero metagiuridico di Francesco Carnelutti

Gian Pietro Calabrò93-102

Abstract: Juridical Experience and Liturgy of the Word: the Miseries of the Criminal Proceeding in Francesco Carnelutti’s Metaphysical Reflections
The author analyses Le miserie del processo penale by Francesco Carnelutti. In this particular work Carnelutti’s metaphysical reflections are fully articulated. The references to the evangelic word provide a valid key to understanding the criminal trial. The author – aiming to adopt the same point of view of the judge – reads the “meta” – far from interpreting it as “trans,” far beyond the juridical world – as if it corresponds to “going in,” searching deeper. In this way, Carnelutti’s reflections manage to gather the structure of the criminal trial and its central role in the anthropological viewpoint on the Man, that finds its ratio essendi in the evangelic word and in the crucified God.