Verso una fenomenologia della normatività e del mondo sociale

Pedro M. S. Alves348-365

Abstract: Towards a Phenomenology of Normativity and the Social World

In this paper, I present a phenomenologically inspired account of norms. In the first half, I introduce the concept of “ductive force” for analyzing the force of normative sentences, separating it from the deontic sense content of norms. Based on that, I develop my account stressing that the pragmatic approach, while worth considering, does not offer a full account of the intentional structure of norms. In the second half, I introduce the concept of “ductive power” for accounting for the sources of norms. I distinguish three main sources of normativity and try to show how they deeply differ albeit intertwined in a complex net. I finally present an outline of the several kinds of bonds among individuals and of the main axes of the social world.