L’alba della norma: un’ipotesi neuro-archeologica

Francesco Marrosu180-191

Abstract: The Dawn of Norm: A Neuro-archeologic Hypothesis

As normativity is an exquisite requirement of human society, it is not surprising that its roots are also relentlessly investigated. Interestingly, a new trend of investigations has kept to consider the neurobiological evolution as a crucial player in the foundational turn-point of a novel integration between “classic” disciplines, represented by sociology and paleoanthropology with the neurosciences. These new vistas suggest that the evolution of lithic artifacts are paralleled by the social aggregation along with the expansion of brain structures. In this short essay we discuss the possibility that this process would have empowered peculiar ‘outdated” brain structures and their networks which eventually allowed for the necessary “bootstrapping” towards the dawn of norms.