Ancora a proposito di “prevedibilità” delle conseguenze sanzionatorie nella giurisprudenza della CEDU. Garanzia autentica o principio anodino a “geometria variabile”? (C.EDU, Sez. I, sentt. 17 giugno 2021, Galan e Miniscalco c. Italia)

Giovanni Caruso69-75

Abstract: Still on the Subject of “Predictability” of the Sanctioning Consequences in the Case Law of the ECHR. Authentic Guarantee or Anodyne Principle with “Variable Geometry”? (C. EDU, Section I, 17 June 2021, Galan and Miniscalco v. Italy).
This contribution deals with the main themes concerned in the cases Galan and Miniscalco v. Italy and, specifically, foreseeability in criminal law. After having shown the factual evidence of the cases, the paper underlines some fallacies of the motivation drafted by the judges, maybe due to the fear of frustrating the system against corruption.