Appetitus societatis, socialitas, cupiditas tre prospettive di antropologia politica giusnaturalistica a confronto

Costanza Ciscato98-118

Abstract: Appetitus societatis, socialitas, cupiditas Three Perspectives of Natural Law Political Anthropology Compared.
Rereading the various issues published in these first twenty years by the electronic magazine L’Ircocervo, we understand that one of the topics most addressed by the authors is that of a central concept for those who deal with legal studies, namely the concept of power. Right and power are a combination on which one inevitably dwells, to understand if one could assume that the right is the foundation of power (where legitimate) or, conversely, if one must surrender and accept that the right is the legalizing expression of power. This analysis highlights the importance of the concept of community, as the natural background of the contrast of the different positions that ends up conditioning the theoretical reconstructions of the various philosophers.