Il sabbatianesimo come eresia antinomista. Riflessioni sul rapporto fra religione e diritto alla luce dell’analisi del romanzo Satana a Goray di Isaac Bashevis Singer

Mattia Di Taranto147-165

Abstract: Sabbatianism as an Antinomian Heresy. Reflections on the Relationship between Religion and Law in the Light of the Analysis of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Novel Satan in Goray.
“Satan in Goray”, Isaac Bashevis Singer’s debut novel, is rightfully considered one of the masterpieces of modern Yiddish literature. Besides its intrinsic esthetic value, however, this work also offers a privileged point of view in order to understand some fundamental theoretical aspects of the relationship between religion and law in rabbinic Judaism. The main purpose of this essay is to show how the preliminary identification of a conceptual framework allows to identify the novel’s main themes and eventually to reveal the author’s creative process. For this purpose, the analysis will focus on one of the novel’s protagonists, Rabbi Benish, an emblematic representative of the rabbinic tradition and a fierce opponent of Sabbatean antinomianism.