Centralizzazione e controllo sociale: la perdita della giusta misura nell’economia contemporanea e le prospettive politico-economiche per il XXI secolo

Marco Rangone, Stefano Solari225-240

Abstract: Centralization and Social Control: the Loss of the Right Measure in Contemporary Economy and the Political-Economic Perspectives for the XXI Century.
Francesco Gentile considered that politics and the law had to be shaped by the principle of right measure, criticising the approach of legal geometries deriving from the modern idea of reason of State. In this framework, social control is a crucial notion used by Gentile to point out the risks of bad interpretation of policy-making. The paper explores the development of the ideas of centralization and social control in the context of political economy. The present evolution of platform capitalism is studied from the insights supplied by those notions. Present day risks for individual freedom come not only from an increase of State’s control over the economy, but also from oligarchies. This fact is rising the epistemological problem of apories in the epistemology of social research.