Principio di congruenza, costituzione politica, etica pubblica

Umberto Vincenti345-351

Abstract: Principle of Congruence, Political Constitution, Public Ethics.
The principle of congruence postulates that any choice, in public as well as private space, is at least compatible with the situation in which the agent finds himself or with the purpose that he has set himself. The optimum is when the choice and, therefore, the development of a certain construction or the type of action to be taken are immanent in the starting situation, included in the latter. Thus, the principle of congruence is the surest guide of any decision maker, in particular in the normative construction of a relationship as well as in the interpretation of the existing discipline. The decision maker must know how to grasp the founding idea and strictly cultivate it in his activity of approach to the result. The paper exemplifies, private and constitutional law.