La vulnerabilità del rapporto medico-paziente nell’era delle tecnologie emergenti

Paola B. Helzel172-185

Abstract: The Vulnerability of the Doctor-Patient Relationship in the Era of Emerging Technologies.

The Third Millennium was affected by the shock wave of the issues that broke out in it, in fact there are not a few gray areas and difficulties, especially from an ethical point of view, which have arises. Issues – largely inherited from the previous century – linked to the acceleration that bio-technical development has had in the latter decades. In fact, due to the pandemic outbreak, healthcare personnel found themselves faced with the urgency of having to redesign the criteria and methods of their intervention, significantly aggravating, the already precarious relationship with the patient. The use, sometimes ‘mandatory’, of remote care models, better known by the term ‘telemedicine’, have called into question the categories of health and disease and, consequently, the ‘delicate’ relationship that binds doctor-patient. The forced ‘distancing’ to which the pandemic has forced us has interrupted – once again – the dialogue between doctor and patient, and the disease – In this case Covid 19 – Is placed at the center of the field of vision of medicine, while the patient/man has become an invisible ‘being’.