Democrazia sovrana.
Per una risovranizzazione dell’economia

Diego Fusaro91-102

Abstract: Sovereign Democracy. For a Reorganization of the Economy
The European Union as we know it today must be understood as the achievement, in the old continent, of the “absolute capitalism”, in the time of the fanaticism of the economy, of the monotheism of the market and of the economists against democracy. The capital is nowadays “absolute” because is “loose from” (in Latin: ab-solutus) every bridle left, from every constraints that could limit its development. Since 1968 − a year that marks the founding myth of the post-bourgeois capitalism − the bourgeois culture is dismissed with its ethical, cultural and religious values that are not compatible with the limitless form of the market. Hence, the depoliticization of the economy has taken over. We are now witnessing its flip-side: the so-called “economization” of the politics with its cold technical-administrative management of the social sphere and its bio-political governamentalization of bare life that wipe off the political decisions of the sovereign community. The economic reasons of the market theology do not accept any other reason, the political one included.